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In today’s connected world, fast Internet is essential, but sometimes the Internet can be frustratingly slow. Here are a few tips to boost your speed and maximize your Internet connection. Power Cycle the Modem/Router Turning your modem or router off and on again can reset your connection, which could help improve performance. Set Your Router to Reboot Periodically Buy an outlet timer and set it to turn off and on sometime during the night when you will not be using the Internet. Rebooting your router systematically like this can help the system reset your connection and keep Internet speeds fast.
A study by the Better Business Bureau, Finra, and the Stanford Longevity Center have interviewed 1,408 internet consumers between 2015 and 2018 to collect data on the most common Internet scams. Here are the most common internet scams people experience today: 1. Online store Online store scams are among the most common. Respondents said that the vast majority have fallen into this method in portals such as ‘Craigslist’ (the equivalent of the European Wallapop), ‘eBay,’ ‘Kjiji’ and other websites that function as a bridge between sellers and buyers. The way of operating is as follows: they list the items, collect
Buying online has become so routine and common. Today, it is hard to believe that this kind of transaction can be fraudulent. However, it can be a bit dangerous to shop online randomly and carelessly without taking into account some considerations when shopping online. Here’s how to shop online safely: 1. Use common sense Buy on recognized and reliable websites, do not accept all offers on the internet at any time. Also, you should make sure that the product information is correct and reliable. These are the things you can do to make the purchase successful. Takeaway: Spelling errors are
IP addresses are great protagonists of the current operation of the internet. But what is an IP address? What is it for? Why should I know? Do not worry, here we will tell you everything you need to know about the subject. What is an IP address? The first thing you should know is what IP means: they are the initials of Internet Protocol, which translated into Spanish we can call it as Internet Protocol. In other words, it is the standard system by which the internet works through a process of sending and receiving information. An IP address is
An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a lot like an address or phone number that identifies a device like a computer, smart phone, or printer. If you’d like more information for what an IP is and does, go here – Internet Protocol. What is a public IP address? Public IP addresses are used to communicate over the Internet. Like a home address, a public IP addressed is used to determine where to deliver data requested by a certain router. Generally these IP addresses are signed by the Internet service provider (ISP) by a router and can switch when a computer