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IP in the term “IP Address” stands for Internet Protocol. The full name is Internet Protocol Address. All devices connected to a network, both internal (intranet) and external (internet) must have an IP address assigned to the connected device. Weather the device is a phone, computer, or one of many “smart” gadgets out there. All devices must have an IP address in order to communicate with each other.
There are a few ways to find the IP address on your Android device. Internal IP Address on Android It is not necessary to download an Android app in order to check your internal IP address. Follow the below steps on how to find your internal IP address on the Android device. From the home screen, navigate to SettingsTap About deviceTap StatusYour phone or tablet’s IP address will be displayed along with some other information. External or Public IP Address on Android There are a few ways to determine the public or external facing IP address of your android device.
There are a few ways to find an IP address on your iPhone or an iPad device. The steps provided below would work on any iOS device. Internal IP Address on iPhone or iPad There is no need to download any apps in order to find your internal IP address for an iOS device. From the home screen, tap on settings.Tap Wi-Fi from the settings screen.Locate the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to and tap on “information icon” on the right side. This is the i with the circle around it.If you scroll down, you will see your current
A VPN network (virtual private network or virtual private network) is a tunnel which unites us safely to another network. Further, the data is encrypted so that communications cannot be intercepted. It is a form of a secure connection within an insecure environment, such as the Internet. Is it secure communication? All the information that is transmitted by that “virtual cable” or better called a tunnel. It is encrypted from end to end and is therefore secure. Even when that VPN tunnel is created using Internet resources, it is a secure medium. The VPN network offers us end-to-end encryption. Although
In today’s connected world, fast Internet is essential, but sometimes the Internet can be frustratingly slow. Here are a few tips to boost your speed and maximize your Internet connection. Power Cycle the Modem/Router Turning your modem or router off and on again can reset your connection, which could help improve performance. Set Your Router to Reboot Periodically Buy an outlet timer and set it to turn off and on sometime during the night when you will not be using the Internet. Rebooting your router systematically like this can help the system reset your connection and keep Internet speeds fast.