6 Tips to Buy Online Safely for Beginners

Shopping Online Safely for Beginners

Buying online has become so routine and common. Today, it is hard to believe that this kind of transaction can be fraudulent. However, it can be a bit dangerous to shop online randomly and carelessly without taking into account some considerations when shopping online.

Here’s how to shop online safely:

1. Use common sense

Buy on recognized and reliable websites, do not accept all offers on the internet at any time. Also, you should make sure that the product information is correct and reliable. These are the things you can do to make the purchase successful.

Takeaway: Spelling errors are always an indication that the website or article you want to buy is not reliable!

2. Search for the Review

Social networks such as Facebook or Instagram are currently used to share opinions about different products and stores within the same internet. It is advisable to spend a moment on these digital communication platforms and look for what is said about that product that you want to buy so much.

3. Keep your computer protected

Many times, a virtual scam is almost inevitable. Especially when it comes to online shopping. Therefore, to avoid stealing your data or you can even take advantage of your purchase, you can maintain the security of your computer and your particular network properly elevated, using the best antivirus of the year or simply doing a good maintenance of your computer.

The updates of your operating system and your antivirus are also important. So, try to keep these add-ons on your computer updated if you want to buy safely.

4. Use credit cards instead of debit cards

Generally, to buy online, it is necessary to have a credit card that you can depend on to pay. However, it may be the case that you can choose between credit and debit cards. And a credit card is safer. Here’s why:

By having a credit card, the bank will practically lend you that money you intend to spend. That is why it will be much safer. It is easy to return your money if the transaction is a complete fraud. With debit cards, you will not have this option, since the money is usually delivered almost automatically and immediately.

5. Always keep the proof of purchase

All virtual stores should give you proof of purchases that serve as proof that the transaction has done. Therefore, saving this receipt until you receive the product you have purchased is the most sensible thing you can do.

6. Delete the data entered into the purchasing website

 There may be the case where you want to buy on a website that is not very recognized, but that meets the minimum security requirements. If so, make sure that once you make the purchase, you erase all personal information of yours.

Furthermore, you can also hide your IP address when purchasing in a non-popular website. This way, you will add another layer of security by not letting the store know from where you are accessing his website. You can check your IP address here.

This advice is also addressed to those people who are buying online from another computer that is not their own. Therefore, it prevents others from accessing your data and buying online under your name.