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Country: United States
Region: Virginia
City: Ashburn
Latitude: 39.04372
Longitude: -77.48749

Lookup My IP Address Location

The Lookup My IP Address tool will provide the ability to determine the approximate location of an IP address anywhere in the world. The result will be an approximate location in a 15-20 miles radius, showing you the Country, Region, and City. Along with this information, you will see an approximate GPS Latitude and Longitude coordinates. These GPS coordinates will be shown on a Google map.

IP Address Lookup Online

  • WhatismypublicIP.com will help you to geolocate your current IP or the IP you type in the text box quickly and easily.
  • Note that the results shown by the geolocation of IP by coordinates (latitude and longitude) are approximate. These data should be taken for guidance.
  • We do not store any data in our system, such as consulted IPs, geolocation of them, etc.

Surely you know the address where you live. But do you know your IP address?

In the online world, it is more important than any of the above information. So let's see what an IP is, what we need to know, and how we can locate it.

IP Address: What It Is And Why I Should Know It

IP addresses are public and private. The first IPs are those assigned by the telecommunications company to surf the net. They can be fixed or (the most common) dynamic (this IP changes from time to time.)

Private IPs are those used in closed networks. They are used by different devices to communicate on a Wi-Fi network inside a house.

IP addresses are everything on the internet. No one can browse or be online without one. When we write an address or URL, there is an IP address behind it, which is the real address.

An IP address consists of four digits separated by a period. The value of each figure can vary from 0 to 255. Thus, for example, a random IP would be But enough of theory. The big question is, why should I know my IP address? Especially if you have survived so far without knowing it.

The obvious answer is to know your registration online. But there are many more reasons.

Knowing an IP allows you to operate a device remotely. It also allows you to register and use virtual private network or VPN services. It is useful when identifying a connection or network problems.

You can know the location of the servers you are using (or those used by other people). The list is long and also includes a handful of malicious purposes that we cannot mention them all in this post.

How To Lookup An IP Address?

Ok, you already know what IP address is. Now, let's go one step further and imagine that you have another IP address in your hands. Or that someone has yours.

To what extent can an IP address be geographically located? Each public IP is assigned a country, region, city, latitude and longitude and the name of the operator that assigns it.

There are organizations such as Ripe NCC, in the European case, that keep an updated record of this information.

As a standard user, you don't always have access to all data openly and for free. To geolocate an IP address, there is a website called WhatismypublicIP.com. It has an accuracy of between 90% and 95%, depending on the database to which you have access and the IP you want to locate.

At the top of the page, we find a box to enter the IP address. Once registered it provides us with information about the country and the city, the postal code, the ISP and an approximate GPS position (in this case, the latitude and longitude received information about the city, region, and so on.

As always, feel free to contact us from the "Contact Us" form, if you have any question.