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An IP address is a unique string of numbers that is assigned to a computer when it connects to the Internet or another network. This “address,” if you will, identifies your computer from the other millions of computers connecting to the Internet. The IP address is a necessary component to a computer’s ability to surf the Internet, however, it can also lead others to finding out information about you. Why hide your IP address? There are many reasons for someone to want to hide or conceal their IP address when surfing the Internet. Here are a few more common reasons:
When you connect to the Internet, your Internet service provider (ISP) assigns your computer an IP address, which acts as an identifying marker to differentiate your computer from the hundreds of thousands navigating the World Wide Web. Depending on the Internet plan you have, your computer will be allocated a dynamic or static IP address. Unless you have an increased level of service – like a business – class Internet service plan – your computer most likely has a dynamic IP address. Can Changing Your IP Address Keep You Safe? Getting a new IP address from the same ISP will
IP addresses are being talked about more and more. Chances are, you’ve probably heard that your computer has one, but did you know that phones, and even soda machines have them? What exactly is an IP address? Breaking it Down – What is an IP Address? “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol” while “address” refers to a unique serial number assigned to a single computer. This Internet protocol number is linked to all online activity your computer does. In simplistic terms, the IP address is like a computer fingerprint. Just like no two fingerprints are ever the same, no two IP
Welcome! This website is a great resource for all of your IP needs. What is My Public IP has three things we want to help you with: Determining your external-facing IP address WhoIs Lookup Internet Speed Connection Test In addition, this website is chockfull of information about IP addresses, the Internet, domain names, and more. We want to be your resource for anything IP related. Our homepage is where you will find what your public IP address is. There is also information there that outlines what an IP address is and why it matters. Next is our Whois Lookup page.