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What is SQL Injection Attack? SQL injection is a code injection technique used to attack data-driven applications. In this attack, nefarious SQL statements are inserted into an entry field for execution. The main consequences of SQL injection attacks are loss of confidentiality and integrity of data. SQL injection attacks allow attackers to spoof identity, tamper… Read Article →

Connecting to a public or open WiFi network can increase the risk of your data being intercepted by others users on the same network. When you connect to a public or open WiFi network, you are sharing the same network with potentially many other users. This means that anyone else on the same network could… Read Article →

A blockchain is a digital, decentralized ledger that records transactions on multiple computers. It is programmed to be secure, transparent, and highly resistant to modification. It is essentially a chain of blocks that contain information, and once data is recorded on a block, it cannot be altered. Each block is connected to the one before… Read Article →

There are many ways you can protect your online accounts and privacy. Here are a few things you can do: By following these best practices, you can help protect your online accounts and your privacy.

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