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This website is a great resource for all of your IP needs. What is My Public IP has three things we want to help you with:

  1. Determining your external-facing IP address
  2. WhoIs Lookup
  3. Internet Speed Connection Test

In addition, this website is chockfull of information about IP addresses, the Internet, domain names, and more. We want to be your resource for anything IP related.

Our homepage is where you will find what your public IP address is. There is also information there that outlines what an IP address is and why it matters.

Next is our Whois Lookup page. This is a great resource where you can find information about domain names, including ownership, server information, and registration expiration dates.

Here is where you will find information about our Internet speed test, including how the test works and troubleshooting. If you do have a slow Internet connection, here is a blog post with some tips to boost your speed.

If you are still looking for more resources, hop over to our blog and see what we’ve recently posted. We keep our blog updated on the latest tips and tricks.

Please enjoy the resources available on the blog as well as the tools the website offers. Please check back often for more blog posts as we are constantly adding more information to stay updated.

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