How to Improve and Boost Your Internet Speed

In today's connected world, fast Internet is essential, but sometimes Internet can be frustratingly slow. Here are a few tips to boost your speed and maximize your Internet connection.

  1. Power Cycle the Modem/Router

    Turning your modem or router off and on again can reset your connection, which could help improve performance.
  2. Set Your Router to Reboot Periodically

    Buy an outlet timer and set it to turn off and on sometime during the night when you will not be using the Internet. Rebooting your router systematically like this can help the system reset your connection and keep Internet speeds fast. This can also help reduce the number of times when you have to manually reset the router, which is very helpful when your router is in an inconvenient place - like the attic.
  3. Invest in Up-To-Date Hardware

    One of the easiest, best ways to make sure your Internet speed does not get bogged down is to ensure you use up-to-date hardware. A router that is built for high speed Wi-Fi will help ensure your connection is fast and reliable.
  4. Find the Right Spot for Your Router

    While traditionally hidden away, routers should not be hidden behind walls or other obstructions. For a clear Wi-Fi signal, the router should be out in the open with the antennas pointed perpendicularly. If you want the best coverage possible for your entire house, make sure the router is centered. Routers also do high up, so antics are sometimes a great option.
  5. Get Rid of Interference

    Other appliances and electronics like cordless phones and microwaves can clog up your Wi-Fi signal. If the GHz on your cordless phone matches the GHz of your router, it could slow down your connection. While buying a dual band router can help, if you don't want to invest in new appliances, moving your router away from any interference should help minimize the issue.
  6. Tighten Security

    Wi-Fi thieves can be a source of frustration so tightening security can keep thieves out and boost Internet speeds. Passwords can be easy to crack for computer-savvy hackers, so if you suspect someone is using your network, kicking them out can be as simple as changing your password. Using a WPA password will be harder to crack and help keep protect your network from prying eyes.
  7. Control Bandwidth-Heavy Applications

    Streaming applications like Netflix and Hulu, online games like World of Warcraft, torrenting files or video chats are all Internet applications that may be hogging bandwidth. Fortunately, you can use Quality of Service - QoS for short - to prioritize bandwidth for specific applications. This ensures that those applications get the bandwidth they need.
  8. Connect Directly

    If all else fails and you need lightening fast Internet speeds, try directly connecting your computer to your Internet connection via an Ethernet cable. This will maximize your connection while eliminating Wi-Fi issues like interference.

With these simple tweaks, you can ensure that your Internet connection is fast and reliable all the time. Once you have made these modifications, come to this website to re-test.